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League Rules
Friday, June 22, 2018 10:26:41 AM

3 on 3 Rules

Section One: Governing Play
  1. All CHA rules are in effect unless otherwise stated.
  2. The General Manager has final authority concerning all rules and regulations including, but not limited to, suspensions, expulsions and general discretion of conduct.
Section Two: Teams
  1. Only registered players on team rosters or waiting list may play (see Section Three).
  2. A team shall be composed of nine to ten (9-10) skaters and one (1) goalie;
  3. Teams must start the game with a minimum six (6) players ie. 5 skaters and a goalie.
    1. The league will assist teams in finding players if the team will be short players.
  4. Each team will play with four (4) players on the ice. 1 goalie and 3 players. 
  5. Each player will receive and wear a Rhino 3on3 hockey jersey.
Section Three: Alternate Player Policies and Procedures
  1. All AP players will wear a 3on3 hockey jersey
  2. All AP players must report to the Guest Servicesdesk in the lobby and identify themselves as an AP player so that  they may be placed on the game sheet. 
  3. All AP players must complete an Insurance waiver form to be covered by the 3on3 insurance provider.
  4. All players from outside the 3on3 league (any player not registered) MUST pay $20.00 to play each and every game.
    1. Note: Coaches are required to inform players of fees, any dispute of AP fees, player will be automatically denied entry to play.
  5. All teams may AP a player from the 3on3 league and the AP’s are not required to pay a fee or complete the Insurance Waiver Form.
  6. Any team that uses illegal players will AUTOMATICALLY forfeit the points and the Team will face suspensions.
  7. The AP policies and procedures has been established to protect all from risks that are associated with illegal players.
3on3 Zero Tolerance Rule
Due to the increase in penalties, zero tolerance will be as follows:
  1. First ejection equals a one game suspension
    1. Note: Not including the 3 minor penalty injection.
  2. Second ejection equals a removal from the league
    1. Note: Pending further review from 3on3 General Manager.
Section Four: Rules of Play
  1. All games will be NON-BODYCHECKING.
  2. All games will be 2 periods. Each period is twenty-two minutes of continuous play.
  3. Rhino Sports reserves the right to balance teams anytime during the season to ensure maximum enjoyment and competitiveness for all players.
  4. All games will be played on full ice.
  5. All games will begin with a centre ice face-off
  6. All games will be officiated by a certified referee
  7. Penalties will called and penalty shots will be awarded at the conclusion of the game.
  8. When play is stopped due to the goalie freezing the puck or a goal was scored, the referee will yell clear, no whistle and will signal the attacking players to vacate the zone. Once all the attackers have exited the zone, the players may re-enter to resume play immediately. They may not challenge the opposition until they have all exited the zone. Attacking prematurely may result in a penalty for the offending team.
  9. There is no centre-ice (red) line, and therefore no icing calls, there is offside calls.
  10. Delinquent behaviour on the ice will not be tolerated. Offenders will be suspended by the 3on3 league supervisor.
  11. It is at the discretion of the 3on3 General Manager to decide whether there will be any further action taken.
 Section Five: Shifts.
  1. Bench doors MUST remain closed.
Section Six: Minor Penalties
  1. Coincidental penalties shall result in a penal shot, referees will warn the players or asses penalties.
  2. Any player having been assessed three (3) minor penalties in the same game will be automatically ejected from that game.
  3. Players ejected with five (5) minutes left to play in the game shall be assessed a further game misconduct.
  4. If a player is ejected during a second game under the same circumstances as (c) that player will be served a further one (1) game suspension.
  5. A third ejection will result in a disciplinary hearing with the Convenor for further suspension or possible expulsion from the league.
  6. Absolute zero tollerance for BODY CHECKING
Section Seven: Major Penalties
  1. Major penalties will result in the immediate ejection of the offending player(s) and suspension pending further review by the General Manager.
  2. Fighting majors will result in the penalized players being expelled from the league indefinitely pending further review by the General Manager.
Section Eight: Coaches, Managers
  1. Up to (1) MAXIMUM coaches. All bench personnel must be a minimum 21 years of age and registered with the league.
Section Nine: Coaches, Managers
This policy has been adopted to make the arena a safe, secure and comfortable place for all the players participating in the 3on3 summer league.
  1. Dressing room for female players is a seperate room to make them feel more comfortable.  When the team is full females, they will have a complete room for there team. 
  1. The use of cell phones and personal digital assistants (PDA’s) is prohibited in all dressing rooms except when used to deal with medical emergency as determined by and at the sole discretion of the League Director.
NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL ALLOWED IN THE BUILDING UNLESS PURCHASED FROM BAR DOWN LOUNGE.  This is a licensed facility where by it follows all AGCO liquor license laws.
We appreciate your co-operation in ensuring that this is a SAFE and FUN 3on3 hockey league.
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